Apostolic Overcoming Holiness Bible Institute

AOHBI Tuition and Fees
Application & Registration Fee $110.00 One time fee
Undergraduate Credit $32.50 per unit
Graduate Credit $97.50 per unit
Graduation Fee $100.00
Change of Major $100.00
Degree Copy $ 25.00
Standard Transcript $ 10.00 per copy
Regalia - Per order

Standard Degree Program Tuition
Bachelors Degree Program $3900.00 (120 units)
Masters Degree Program $2925.00 (30 units)
Doctoral Degree Program $2925.00 (30 units)

Specialized Degree Program Tuition
Bachelor of Theology $4875.00 (150 units)
Master of Theology $5850.00 (60 units)
Master of Biblical Counseling
Professional Program $4860.00 (48 units)
Doctoral of Theology $5850.00 (60 units)

The above prices do not reflect course materials such as textbooks or study material. The total
amount of tuition due will be determined by the degree program that you have selected and
applicable transferable credit. Please contact the university or your Academic Advisor for a
breakdown of the tuition fees for your personal degree program. Tuition prices are subject to
change without prior notification.