(ABS) 60 UNITS: Associate of Biblical Studies

ABS Degree Program shall consist of the following 30 core units plus 30 elective units. Fifteen units 15
must be completed with AOHBI or AOHBI affiliate center. Forty-five (45) units may be assessed or transfer
units if they meet degree requirements:

Bible Department 12

Bib-200 Old Testament Survey 3

Bib-203 New Testament Survey 3

Bib-205 A The Synoptic Gospels 3

Bib-413 The Gospel Of John 3

Theology/History Department 6

His-140 Church History 3

Thy-201 Christian Theology I 3

Practical Theology/Ministries Department 12

Min-206 Evangelism I 3

Min-140 Ministries Orientation 3

Min-141-Abc Ministry Lab 3

Min-241-Abc Ministry Lab 3