(MRE) 30 UNITS: Master of Religious Education

Candidates entering the MRE program shall have earned Bachelor's Degree including 27 units
of prerequisites in Biblical Studies/Religious Education. In some cases a candidate may request
and receive assessment for prerequisite requirements. MRE shall consist of the following 30
units of core requirements:

EDU-501   Administration of Christian Education - 3 units

EDU-525   Practicum in Christian Education  - 6 units

EDU-606   Seminar in Christian Learning Theory  - 3 units

EDU-609   Seminar in Religious Curriculum  - 3 units

EDU-614   Theories of Application & Educ. Admin   - 3 units

EDU-624   Evaluation of Instructors I   -  3 units

EDU-689   Research & Methods / Bibliography - 3 units

EDU-690   Thesis    -  6 units