(M.Div.) 90 UNITS: Master of Divinity

Candidates entering the M.Div. program shall have a Bachelor’s Degree including thirty 30 units of
prerequisites in Biblical Studies. In some cases a candidate may request and receive assessment for
prerequisite requirements. M.Div. shall consist of the following 27 units of core subjects plus 63 units of
elective subjects:

Bib-501 Old Testament Advanced Research I  - 3 units

Bib-503 New Testament Advanced Research I  - 3 units

Min-501 Church Evangelism  - 3 units

Min-504 Christian Ethics  - 3 units

Min-511 Homiletics I  - 3 units

Thy-410 The Theology Of Jesus Christ  - 3 units

Thy-411 Cults, Christianity, & Religion  - 3 units

Thy-502 Systematic Theology II  - 3 units

Thy-503 Pastoral Theology  - 3 units