What degree programs are available?

Available degree programs range from an Associates degree through Doctor of Theology
with areas of concentration of Biblical Studies, Biblical Counseling, Church Administration,
Religious Education, and Religious Arts.

How do I apply at the AOH Bible Institute?

Interested parties may contact AOHBI toll free at 1-866-564-9728 to speak with an
Admissions Specialist.  Our admissions office will expedite an enrollment packet that
contains all enrollment forms, catalog, promotional disk and the guidelines for submitting the
required information. If  you would prefer you may complete our
online application.

What information should be included in my portfolio?

Specific requirements are listed in the enrollment packet. A portfolio should include previous
education, employment, and ministry experience at a minimum.

What is "Lifetime Learning Assessment" and who is eligible?

Lifetime Learning Assessment is a program that allows students to receive academic credit
for experiential learning, conferences, missionary work, books authored, ministry as well as
a variety of other experiences. Please call for specific information about this type of

How is curriculum obtained?

AOHBI has a wide base of curriculum available to our students, tailored individually for each
student's needs. Your academic advisor will establish an appropriate degree program as
well as provide curriculum information for that program.

What type of accrediting does AOHBI have?

AOHBI is accredited through the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges
& Theological Seminaries (A.C.I.). Further information regarding this Accrediting
Commission is provided in the student catalog or on this site.
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I would prefer to complete my studies on an independent basis. Is that a

Absolutely. Many students find it difficult to integrate classroom time with their current career
and ministerial responsibilities. AOHBI will gladly cater to these students, establishing a
study program that suits both the student's needs and interests.

What is the standard tuition cost?

It is the desire of the Institute to offer degree programs to students who may not be able to
meet financial obligations of the traditional university. An undergraduate degree can be
completed for $3,900.00. Each graduate level is only $2925.00, for most degree programs.
Interest-free financing is also available to qualified students. Call us for the exact tuition
costs associated with your chosen degree program.   

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